The Stone Road Band - The Naticks - Laurel & the Love-In

The Parlour, 1119 N Main St, Providence

Laurel & the Love-In met on Tinder in 2015. Back then, they were loners looking for nothing more than some free meals and a little hanky-panky on the side. What they found was true love-in. Since then the Nashville-based rock and roll band has toured the country, honing their sound, which consists of visceral lyrics, rock and roll guitar solos, and 1960s girl-group inspired harmonies. The band consists of lead singer and pianist Laurel Sorenson, Emma Holden on guitar, background vocalist Katherine Loiselle, drummer Michael Rasile, and bassist Max Zikakis.

The Naticks are a garage-rock band from Rhode Island who have been jamming together since 2007. The word Natick means a place of searching.

The Stone Road Band formed in 2017 as an "after work" cover band that quickly turned into an original music project. With music combining elements of acoustic driven rock, southern rock, blues, funk, pop and improv, the band thrives in a live setting and produces a high energy show that differs from night to night.