Comprised of Brian Lowe (drums/vocals), Kevin Horan (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Mike Horan (lead guitar/vocals) and Phil Smith (bass/vocals), The Stone Road Band started from a previous project through which Brian and Kevin met. In the spring of 2017 the project came to an end, but Brian and Kevin were not finished yet, and knew there was more music to be played together. Not wanting to break a previous gig commitment, Kevin threw out a call to his cousin Mike, and in two weeks the group was on stage. After a couple months of temporary bassists, Mr. Phil Smith appeared in the practice spot and The Stone Road Band was born. 

Originally a cover band, The Stone Road Band has transitioned into working on Kevin's stockpile of original material, while also beginning to write and construct songs together as a band. The result is a mix of all of the members' influences, and combines elements of acoustic driven rock music with southern rock, blues, funk, pop and improv. 

The band thrives in a live setting and enjoys expanding on their original material while also continuing to play cover songs and making them their own. 

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Kevin Horan, Brian Lowe, Phil Smith & Mike Horan

Kevin Horan, Brian Lowe, Phil Smith & Mike Horan